Our journey started as three bubble tea lovers from Toronto chasing after a dream. With the support of our family and friends, in 2018, our bubble tea business was born. Our first store is hidden in the corner of a small food court – even Uber Eats drivers complain that it is impossible to find. It was challenging, but our passion for bubble tea has kept us going till today.



The bubble tea market is tough with a lot competition, but luckily, we found our niche. We create bubble tea that doesn’t just taste good, but also looks good and makes our customers feel good, hence our slogan “truly good”. We want to embed that attitude in everything we do, thus, our name: “TRU”.


We stand for quality and appreciate craftsmanship, which we know might sound idealistic in the bubble tea world of cheap ingredients and fast food service. We understand the joy from a truly good drink, and we see it as our mission to bring that experience to our customers. Using premium natural ingredients made in-house, we invented our own way of creating bubble tea. Even though it results in lower margins and longer wait times, you’ll immediately know it’s worth it.


Born from the streets of Toronto, TRU has been inspired by the people of this city. We’re constantly experimenting and innovating drinks that cater to a variety of audiences from different cultures. We’re not afraid to try new things – you can count on us in producing the most exciting and remarkable drinks.